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Valentine Sentiment for Home Owners

Just in time for Valentine fun, the Home Purchase Sentiment Index demonstrated that consumers are starting to show more love for home ownership.

And everybody knows love is a very appropriate topic for February, as we approach the sweetly sentimental holiday of Valentine’s Day.

Home sentiment means more than valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Families!

Housingwire reported that “Americans are more confident in the housing market, reversing a five-month trend of declines in optimism…”

A Valentine to Housing Sentiment

Fannie Mae’s “Home Purchase Sentiment Index” measures the feelings of the public toward home ownership.  This seems like an impossible task, but by using surveys, the index produces measurable numbers.  They discover and gauge our esteem for the American Dream, a home we own.

Here’s the Good News Americans raised the HPSI by two full percentage over January 2017.  This brings the index up to 82.7/  What lovely sentiment!

For five full months before January, we saw many experts sinking deeper and deeper into gradual pessimism.

Then, as January began, experts noticed a change.  Fannie Mae stated, “Within the index, four of the six components increased in January.”

A Valentine for Personal Power and Financial Prospects

According to Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae senior vice president and chief economist, reported, “Three months after the presidential election, measures of consumer optimism regarding personal financial

prospects and the economy are at or near the highest levels we’ve seen in the nearly seven-year history of the National Housing Survey.”

A Look into the Heart of the Housing Matter:

Valentine Day is Every Day in a loving family.

Valentine Good Wishes for Families and Home Owners!

Let’s take a look at some mathematical percentages:

1.  42% of Americans surveyed, believe home prices will go up again this year–up to 7 percent points.

Think about how nice this will be if you are selling your house to move to a bigger or better space!

2.  15% of the Americans surveyed state belief that this is a good time two sell a home.  That’s significant– two percent higher than last year.

3.  Meanwhile, consumers are feeling better about their jobs.  That number went up by 1 percent, bringing it to 69%.  That means more people are now confident about their job security.

4. However there were no changes in the number of people who believe mortgage rates will go down.

The Experts tell us, “Any significant acceleration in housing activity will depend on whether consumers’ favorable expectations are realized in the form of income gains sufficient to offset constrained housing affordability.” 

To this, we add our cheers, because we want families to be able to discover what they can afford, to learn how to budget their incomes, and live within their means.

Home Ownership is Not Easy—Or Cheap

The experts add, “If consumers’ anticipation of further increases in home prices and mortgage rates materialize over the next 12 months, then we may see housing affordability tighten even more.”

No one says the affordability has improved.  However, according to the Home Purchase Sentiment Index, the net share of Americans who say their household income is significantly higher than it was 12 months ago went up 5 percentage points.

To clarify this fact, 15 % of the American families surveyed showed they were on better financial terms with better monthly income. 

Palm State Mortgage:  Helping Hard-working Hearts Buy Homes!

Palm State Mortgage Valentine to Home Owners.

Valentine wishes for Happy Home Owners and American Families From Orlando!

Here at Palm State Mortgage Company, the above, largely optimistic statistics of the HPSI mean average American fiscal life is improving.  It might be inch by inch and bit by bit, but people are doing better financially.  We are not bragging when we praise them for managing their fiscal lives better with help from companies like Palm State Mortgage.

Once again, American families are focusing on ways to finance their hearts’ desire: a home of their own.

The long-time American love affair between houses and families is far from over.

We see it growing and strengthening every day.

The Loan specialists at Palm State Mortgage Company love being a part of the renewal of faith in American housing.

We love helping you make your home-owning dreams come true.  If it’s not to sentimental to admit it, we sometimes feel like Cupid.  We match homes and owners with the perfect mortgage.   So, Happy Valentine’s Day to All!  And we send a special Happy Valentine’s Day wish to all our new home owners from Palm State Mortgage in gorgeous Florida.

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