Pearl Lefkowitz

Pearl Lefkowitz, President

Since 1986, Palm State Mortgage Company has been a privately held, Florida licensed mortgage broker and brokerage corporation in good standing. Palm State specializes in securing the best possible mortgage loan terms for residential and small commercial properties throughout the state of Florida, with most careful consideration given to each individual borrower’s needs and qualifications.

Palm State is able to offer top service because of the company’s seasoned age and the staff’s extensive mortgage experience in Florida. Staff members continue to strive to help make homebuyers’ “dreams” come true, and in the most affordable manner possible.

Palm State loan applications are expeditiously originated either in person, electronically, or by complimentary overnight mailers; and then processed for submittal to mortgage underwriters in a time efficient manner.

Once loans are approved by the underwriters, all approval conditions are quickly gathered in order to meet the projected closing dates. For knowledgeable borrowers who choose to carefully “shop” for their mortgage, just as they diligently shopped for their real estate purchase, Palm State’s specialists are a “must” contact!

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