Happy Independence Day!  Independence Day means Independence week in 2018.  Established as a national Holiday In 1941, Independence Day is unique. It was in that year that Congress declared Independence Day, the 4th of July to be a federal legal holiday.

Therefore, Independence Day is one of the few federal holidays that have not been moved to the nearest Friday or Monday—at least not officially.  That is why Palm State Mortgage believes there will be a justifiable week-long Holiday spirit, since the Fourth of July falls on Wednesday of this week.

A Palm State Independence Day Salute

Palm State Mortgage Company opens our blog this week with a genuine wish to you and your family for a Happy

Independence Day Means Joyful Greetings from Friends

Happy Independence Day from Your Friends at Palm State Mortgage Company.

Independence Day. We especially send a shout-out to our amazing military families, who deserve special honors for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and free.

Here at Palm State Mortgage Blog, we take a break from bringing you the facts of finance, mortgage  and real estate news of the day to bring you news and greetings from the heart. So—Greetings, and we hope you enjoy family and friends during your Independence Day Week.

May your  Independence Day week be full of inspiration, relaxation and invigoration!

An Independence Day Wish for You:  Stay Safe While You Celebrate

At Palm State Mortgage, we don’t stop our friendly relationship with you just because the ink has dried on your mortgage papers.  We like to watch your family grow, see your business thrive, and we keep in touch with homeowners over the years.

Therefore, in deciding what to wish for you for the Independence Day Holiday, we came to the decision to bring you a July Fourth wish for a Happy, Safe July 4th Week.  More than wishes, we have brought you some safety tips across the Internet, from our family to yours.  These might not be in realm of mortgage and finance, but we are more than mortgage people.  We are friends.

Independence Day:  The Little Hazards of Having Too Much Fun!

So Palm State Mortgage has gathered some safety tips for you and your family:

Independence Day Freedom illustrated by 5 happy friends.

Young friends Celebrate on a Florida Beachfront. 

1.   Fireworks Fun: 

If fireworks are legal in your community, please use them safely. What if you are watching them at a friend’s home?  Then, please maintain a safe distance.  Palm State Mortgage Company’s best suggestion is that you attend a professional pyrotechnic event. If you do not want to take advantage of the theme park shows, we recommend Red Hot and Boom. 
The enormous fireworks show will be staged in the city of Altamonte Springs blasts off on July 3rd, the day just before the 4th of July. Likewise, if you love fireworks, you might attend the fantastic and well-known “Fireworks At the Fountain” right in the heart of Orlando Downtown Orlando.

Like “Red Hot and Boom, ”Many of our local communities have their own shows. Quite a few of them have elected to stage fireworks and community fun on Tuesday, July 3 this year. So check your local information.

This is one of the reasons we say that this year, fireworks and festivities will make the July 4 celebrations seem a whole week long this year.

By the way, statistics say that every July 4, an average of about 8,800 people who play with bottle rockets are burned, abraded or  shredded with shrapnel. Therefore, we at Palm State Mortgage want you to be careful if you play with fireworks.

2.   If you Play with Fire, Be Careful

Likewise, we are reminding you to be careful if you play with fire. Be very careful please be careful when you fire up the barbecue pit or grill.

Like you, we of Palm State, do not want to see your house or yard to burn up after you have worked so hard to obtain

Happy Family Celebrating Independence Day With Their Boat. But What Safety Feature Are They Neglecting?

and maintain the mortgage payments. See more about fireworks at this informative source.

3.   Don’t “Drink”

A Bad Cocktail Mix! Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! If you are hosting a party or cook-out, why not arrange a designated driver for your drinking guests?

4.    Don’t Get a BUI  That’s not a typo.

The b in BUI is for boating. Our great Florida lakes, waterways, and oceans will be crowded with boats. So, we advise you to check boating laws in your area. If you are boating under the influence, it’s the same as driving a car under the influence. Please, don’t drink and drive your boat. Did you know that alcohol consumption while operating boats or Jet-skis is actually illegal, and you can be arrested?

5.   At your picnic, watch out for Uninvited Guests.

Bees and Wasps can make you miserable at a picnic. You’ll be surprised at how simply you can discourage these uninvited, stinger-loaded 6-legged guests.  Just cover up your food.

It’s also a kindly idea to keep an emergency anaphylaxis kit on your first aid shelf for guests that might be allergic to stings.

Independence Day Expense:  Bringing Our Focus Back to a Few Points from the Financial World

Celebrations for our Nations Independence–a Safe Place for Professional Fireworks.

And now we close this blog and we hope you will take a minute to smile-or maybe frown, at the list of expenses on your Independence Day budget:

1.    Experts report that a billion dollars in beer will be sold for Independence Day parties and picnics.

2.   Independence Day also features traditional foods, and Americans will actually buy 150 million hot dogs.

3.   Plus Americans will consume at least 7.1 million dollars of other special foods for cook-outs, barbecues and family get-togethers over the three days generally considered the Holiday.

The Price of Lighting up the Sky for Independence Day

As we close our official July 4 blog with just a little bit of financial information about this famous holiday. Believe it or not, retail agencies predict 675 million dollars will be spent by individuals, families, and communities for fireworks and pyrotechnics.


Independence Day Celebrations make memories for families in the home of the brave.

Palm State Mortgage Company Wishes Your Family the Best of Independence Day Celebrations this Year.

All in all, American families will be spending, according to statistical estimates, $346.50 for the Independence Day activities, which include a little bit of budget for travel as well as food and drink. (Add my own back-link to my blog.)

Near Record Spending for July 4th Weekend

That number seems a little high for us penny-pinchers at Palm State Mortgage, but then it is a national average.   Anyway, all those billions go to a good cause, the joyful celebration of American Freedom.

Be Happy. But Be Safe.  Happy Independence Day from all of us at Palm State Mortgage Company to all of you in Florida, in the USA, in the world, and the known galaxy.  We live in the land of the free because we are the home of the brave, and that’s worthy of at least a week of celebration.