Spring has sprung in Florida, and Winter Park is abloom with a heady fragrance of blossoms.  With Nature in full renewal, we at Palm State Mortgage Company feel a contagious joy.  It is absolutely the perfect time of year to be house-hunting.  The spring breeze even seems to reinvigorate the work of securing a mortgage.  In the warmth and sunshine of spring, closing deals between buyers and sellers seem to go smoother.

Spring Makes Us Bloom Anew

Spring is a wonderful time to search for the home of your dreams.

Home Owners Love the Family Time of Spring Celebrations

The owners and staff of Palm State Mortgage take this moment to send you spring greetings and a message of appreciation.

This time of year we feel especially blessed and honored to by all our friends, clients and supporters.  You have caused our business to Bloom this spring.

We realize that we could not shine in the sun if you did not succeed in your efforts.

Please don’t hesitate to shout out if you need our help again. We pride ourselves on the care and feeding of contented clients.

Please accept our genuine appreciation for your trust and confidence.

So, in the spirit of the peace and joy of the re-birth of a new season, we want to thank you for your loyalty.

We even have a little Spring Time Thank You Poem for You:

“The world’s a better place
Because of folk like you
Who take the time to do nice things
The way you always do.
Thank you so muchly,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A Palm State Mortgage Company Spring Smile and A Reflection on the Holiday

Spring is the perfect time for home shopping. Palm State Mortgage would love to help you find your perfect home.

We have heard of money being called “lettuce,”  but this little bunny is saving up cabbage for her down payment.  

Because we are fascinated with finances, statistics and numbers, we thought you might enjoy a little Holiday

Report on your Recent Spring Holiday Expenses including Easter and Passover:

For example, it boggles the mind that there will be 16 billion jelly beans consumed over the course of the next few days.

1.  According to CNBC, “in the week before Easter last year, Americans bought $823 million in creme-filled eggs, chocolate rabbits and colored marshmallow Peeps…”

Just for comparison, you might like to know, the United States average candy bill in an ordinary week is 3 million bucks.

2.  So, 823 million dollars makes a 3-day weekend very special.

3.  That amount of money actually conquered the Halloween totals. (But remember people buy Halloween candy for total strangers who knock at their doors.  On the other hand, springtime candy is bought for friends and relatives.)

The Spring Wardrobe Wonders

The special festival means new clothes for many Americans.  So there will be more than candy and baskets to account for when you total up the bills for the holiday.


Thus, the National Retail Federation’s Easter Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, reported, “the average person celebrating Easter spent $140.62 in 2015 and $137.46 in 2014.”

Totaling the Cost of Spring Celebration and How You Eat Your Treat

Check with Palm State Mortgage Co. for the Best Home Deals.

“The Ears are the Sweetest Part of My Chocolate Bunny.”

Now, let’s add up the entire national ticket.

American Retail Association predicts the nation will hit $16.4 billion dollars.  We believe that qualifies as a national spring spending spree. And we do not mind! We have seen lots of healthy family activities and very happy children!

Again, this is a blog of greeting and appreciation.

With a final wish for your happiest Spring holiday ever, we end with one last statistic to enhance your holiday mood.

(And we find it hard to believe that someone actually paid for this humorous survey.)

This survey asked, Are you aware that 89% of all the Americans who eat a chocolate bunny will bite the ears off first?

Happy Holiday!  And thank you again for your business, your friendship and your blog reading!